The PowaSava Voltage Optimiser. Energy Saving Technology at it's best.

The Powermaster PowaSava reduces electricity consumption and costs, and will protect your electrical energy infrastructure while reducing carbon emissions across your site by 10-20%.

The PowaSava cuts energy costs by optimising and improving the sites source voltage. Without any noticeable difference to electrical functions, it reduces energy bills by suppressing harmonics, balancing 3 - phase supply, and optimising the mains supply voltage.

The Powermaster PowaSava is a variable voltage system whereby if there is a significant change to the incoming voltage, then the system can be adjusted accordingly.

This is particularly helpful if there is an increase in voltage supply because even greater savings can be achieved.

Voltage can be dropped incrementally & can be fine-tuned to achieve the additional savings.
The Powasava system offers +/- 15V on the set point.

The system will:

  • Lower maintenance costs on motors, lighting and equipment. 

  • Reduce operating temperatures of motors and lighting. 

  • Protect against voltage transients and short-term power surges. 

  • Reduce voltages and extend the life of electrical equipment, giving better life-cycle costings.

  • Lower the demand requirement and give additional electrical capacity on distribution.

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