Remote monitoring system saves pools and spas thousands

Energy-for-pool specialist Powermaster has expanded its product offering to include a Remote Device Monitoring (RDM) system for leisure centres, pools and spas. RDM can help facilities managers save thousands of pounds on their energy bills every month by monitoring electricity usage on pool pumps and maintaining water quality at the highest standard.

Powermaster's Remote Device Monitoring technology employs a web-enabling system which allows data collected from industrial equipment to be published on the Internet. This data is logged in an online database containing historical information users can access at any time.

Alarms by e-mail or text

Another benefit is that the system can be pre-programmed to generate alarms, e-mail and text message alerts. As a result, in the case of an emergency such as a pump failure for example, staff can react rapidly and take steps to remediate the situation.

The technology behind RDM is based on a MODBUS industrial communications interface which allows it to connect with a wide range of other systems. The input is picked up by a temperature sensor, converted into MODBUS signals and then fed into the RDM software. The software then displays the data in an intelligible format for the user. RDM not only provides efficient energy monitoring of the Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) used in pools, but also enables control functionality on these energy saving devices.

In addition, the built in server and digital inputs and outputs are effective in monitoring the state of switches. This helps users react in a timely manner to changes such as the load of bathers in the pool or a change in temperature chemicals levels, and control the speed of VSDs accordingly.

Saved thousands in electricity bills

"RDM is a unique tool that can help save thousands of pounds in electricity bills," enthused Geoff Renshaw, director at Powermaster. "When everyone in UK business is thinking about cutting expenses, the easiest way is to send savings to the bottom line is by effectively managing your energy consumption," Renshaw concluded.

The Remote Device Monitoring System has been deployed in a variety of applications in addition to pools and spas - from monitoring the status of fire alarms and water treatment equipment to temperature and tank level monitoring.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibilities of remote device monitoring for your business.


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