Variable Speed Drives

Air distribution fans and water pumps are often run at full power, even when demand is low. Variable speed drives ensure that motors run only at speeds that are appropriate to usage - a 10% reduction in motor speed can result in a 25% reduction in energy consumption! More...

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Remote Device Monitoring System

Remote Device Monitoring (RDM) can help facilities managers save thousands of pounds on their energy bills every month by monitoring electricity usage on pool pumps and maintaining water quality at the highest standard.

The RDM System is an internet based system which allows our clients to closely monitor the performance of the VSD installation.

It allows our clients to remotely adjust the spped and/or time settings of the VSD's. This can be done via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

The system automatically calculates the energy savings over any selected period, and this can be emailed to the client monthly, quartelry, yearly, or any desired period.

The RDM will help you maximise the energy savings of your installation, and will give you accurate energy reports.







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