Since 1992, Powermaster has helped many organisations throughout the UK reduce enegy consumption and energy costs through the installation of its energy saving systems . These mainly include:

  • Councils

  • Leisure Trusts

  • Leisure Centres

  • Private & Public sector

  • Offices

  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Breweries

  • Hotels

  • Spas

  • Any companies or organisations looking to reduce their energy consumption and costs!


Case Studies

(Click "View Case Study" to view a PDF version, right click to save. Please consider the environment before printing) Here are just a handful of our completed projects to show you examples of how you could be saving energy and money:

Birmingham City Council

Powermaster were contacted by Birmingham City Council to help them achieve their carbon reduction goals. Not only have we helped them to achieve these goals but we are also helping them to save £62,008.81 a year with our products installed at their different sites!

Can you imagine all of the possilbiities that the council could use this extra money for?! 

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Hambleton District Council

Thanks to Powermaster, Hambleton Leisure centresare now enjoying savings of 66 tonnes of CO2 which would normally be released into the atmosphere.

Leisure Centres: Bedale, Thirsk, Stokesley.

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(Stokesley Leisure Centre)


Moray Leisure LTD

In August 2008, Moray Leisure decided to cut their carbon emissions with the help of Powermaster. We suggested Variable Speed Drives should be installed. The project cost nearly £9,000 but with an interest-free loan (from The Carbon Trust) it will be re-paid within 1 year from the energy savings made, leaving £18,000 per annum of extra money to spend elsewhere.

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(Moray Leisure Centre, Elgin)

Leicester City Council

Leicester City Council approached Powermaster to help reach their environmental aim of halving the amount of energy consumed in public buildings in Leicester by 2025. The total cost of implementing the measure was £20,063. This was funded through though the Council's Local Authority Energy Finance (LAEF) scheme. In the first year this produced an energy saving of 240,000 kWh and a cost saving of £18,000, giving a payback period of just over one year.

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(Braunstone Leisure Centre, Leicester)

Cheltenham College

Following a site survey from Powermaster, Cheltenham College applied for a Carbon Trust loan, and placed an order with Powermaster, who installed the variable speed drives earlier this year.

Energy savings are already being seen. The project cost just under £7,500 in total, but with an interest-free Carbon Trust loan, the investment will be repaid in just over one year, entirely from money saved on energy bills.

Thereafter the project will contribute a minimum of £5,500 p/a to the College, for investment in other areas, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) by 46.4 tonnes p/a.

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(Cheltenham College, Cheltenham)


PfP Leisure

PfP Leisure specialises in the development and management of leisure facilities in partnership with local authorities throughout the UK. They contacted Powermaster to see if we could help reduce the energy consumption at a number of their leisure centres.

After a comprehensive site survey at all of the above sites, Powermaster worked with PfP Leisure to come up with the best strategy to achieve maximum energy savings. Chris Williams of PfP Leisure has worked closely with Powermaster over a number of years and the result of this has been substantial energy savings at these sites

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(Aldershot Pools Complex, Hampshire)


(Splash Leisure & Fitness Centre, Norfolk)



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