Broken swimming pool pumps? 24 hour helpline

broken-swimming-pools-pump-24-Hour-HelplineTo help our customers continue saving energy around the clock we offer a friendly and professional 24 hour helpline for queries relating to anything from broken swimming pool pumps to how you can cut  emissions and reduce costs. We have one simple number,  0800 500 3128, so don't hesitate to pick up the phone.

The 24 hour helpline makes life easier for the likes of leisure centre managers, pool managers, and public sector organisations that have to minimise their carbon footprint and reach emissions targets.

To help customers save even more energy, Powermaster is also offering a free of charge, no-obligation leisure facility survey to highlight areas of potential improvement.

Save money on energy bills

Powermaster's solutions integrate smart technologies to reduce maintenance and pool energy bills. Ways of doing this include adding a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to the motor that powers the swimming pool pump. This allows the motor to work according to the level of activity needed; even just turning the motor down at night when not in use can save up to 25%. Savings typically range from 30% to a staggering 70%.

Meet Carbon emissions targets

Powermaster was responsible for reducing overall UK carbon emissions by 15,136 tons in 2011. That's 8,115,000 kWh units and equates to £2,389,775! We can help organisations specifically target their emissions levels by installing holistic solutions.

An optimum energy saving strategy should include the integrated use of Variable Speed drives, to reduce overworked motors. Integrated Water and Energy Management Systems (IWEMS) can be used to improve chemicals management by 30%. Voltage optimisers can result in 10-20% cuts in emissions. Finally, heat recovery setups redirect waste heat, further cutting energy bills and ultimately allowing organisations to meet emissions targets.

Customers can speak to our technicians anytime on 0800 500 3128 to get advice on our range of energy saving strategies. So, if you find yourself at your wits end with your broken swimming pool pump, just give us a call on 0800 500 3128. 

Broken swimming pool pumps


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